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Xpuyu - Full Range Of Fishing Rod Brand

    The most famous and sellable brand for Japan style fishing rod today, Xpuyu carries the full range of fishing rods that are committing to worldwide quality and angling standard. Xpuyu is ranging from pole fishing to saltwater fishing. Every rod is born with the finest and advanced technology for every sport fishing angler.

    The Xpuyu rod is served throughout the nationwide, and it was launched in South East Asia in the year of 2007, followed by Australia and United Stated. The unique plus fabulous design and its affordable price made the Xpuyu become a branded fishing tackle today.

    Year to year experiences that gained, Xpuyu built up a R&D team and Xpuyu Pro Fishing Team. It is a stepping stone for the takeoff. Every team member injected different kinds of fishingexperiences and sensation to build the wonderful fishing rods for tomorrow.

    The fundamental of a fishing rod is material. Every Xpuyu fishing rod is made up from the finest material and equipment. With precision and advanced machinery, to ensure every rod with 100% accuracy from reel seat to guide alignment. Finally, every rod has to pass through the professional QC team's investigation to meet an excellent standard level of angler's demand.

    Xpuyu is the only brand that you can trust in the sport of fishing world. We are ready to serve and bring you all the latest news. Another thing to be highlighted, there is a great emphasis in the services that we are providing with Xpuyu. When you invest in Xpuyu rod, we believe you have selected a right choice and build the relationship with us. And certainly, our commitment is only to meet your fishing satisfaction.
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Xpuyu - Full Range Of Fishing Rod Brand